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Tixati MP3 Music Sharing Software Review

(an alternative to Vuze and uTorrent)


Tixati torrent software

Tixati torrent software

Tixati Torrent Software, Version 1.92
Peer to Peer (P2P) File Sharing
January, 2013

The author of Frontcode's original WinMX software has switched fully to making the new torrent client: Tixati. Unlike the original WinMX platform which uses OpenNap protocol, Tixati exclusively uses the bittorrent protocol (as well as the new trackerless torrent swarming of PEX and DHT). While OpenNap and WinMX are still popular in Japan and other parts of Asia, the standard P2P practice in Europe and North America is torrent swarming, and Tixati is definitely surfing that wave of torrent adoption.

Within just a few months of being launched, Tixati has earned a spot as a top torrent software package. It offers all the fundamental performance that any good torrent client should, and most users will agree that Tixati does it well:
  1. Clean, simple interface
  2. Display of relevant data: up and down speeds, peers and seeds, seed ratio, etc.
  3. Fast average download speeds
  4. Reduced memory footprint
  5. Supports the new 'magnet links' hashing (to reduce the need to download entire .torrent files for swarming)
  6. Supports distributed hash taable and PEX trackerless torrents (the next generation of torrent sharing)

It's the extra features of Tixati that will compel you to consider switching from uTorrent or Vuze:

  1. Tailor torrents to save to different file locations: you can set your movies to store in one folder, while your songs and comic books save to another. Very useful!
  2. Prioritize files WITHIN a downloading torrent. This is excellent for when you download a season of 22 television episodes, or an anthology of 200 songs.
  3. Auto-start torrent downloads: based on file locations on your hard drive, you can instruct Tixati to commence downloading based on any new files in those folders. This is a very helpful feature for serious downloaders who run many downloads simultaneously.
  4. Graphing and visual data: you can easily see peers and swarm health using the nifty bitfield graphs.
  5. Very flexible bandwidth throttling: you can adjust up and down speeds for any individual torrent file.
  6. Auto-adjust for choked files: the Tixati system constantly monitors and switches swarm connections to compensate for slow individual seeds and peers.

Tixati is absolutely a good P2P client. It may not be quite as featured as uTorrent, and not quite as visually-slick as Vuze, but Tixati could easily become the top torrent product within the next year as we see the world migrate to magnet links, DHT and PEX tracking (which Tixati currently does very well). As it stands, Tixati has so many sophisticated daily features, 99% of P2P users will be pleased with what they can do with this splendid new software.

4.5 stars out of 5.

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