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Being a P2p Site Owner: an Interview with Jack of Torlock.com

What It's Like to Be a Torrent Search Site Administrator


Torlock.com's office in Australia

Torlock.com's office in Australia

Torlock.com: Co-Owner Jack of Australia
October, 2012


I recently met with Jack of Torlock.com via Skype, and we had a very interesting conversation about his part-time life as a P2P service provider. While his work is legally grey and stigmatized by public perception, millions of peer-to-peer users flock to services like Torlock to access the latest in television series and movies.

Jack is a private citizen in Australia who is the co-owner of Torlock.com. In addition to his life as a student, Jack spends 40 hours per week doing admin and maintenance work to keep Torlock sustained and its membership healthy.

About.com: Jack, thank you for meeting with me. I can only imagine what kinds of scrutinizing attention your Torlock service gets on the web.

Jack: Thank you for giving me and my site, Torlock.com, the opportunity to speak to your readers. I would like to state that my answers are based from my personal experience and opinion and not that of the torrent world and site owners at large. I speak for myself and my site and not anyone else.

To answer your question, most of the scrutinizing seems to come from people who really do not understand P2P and torrent sites in general. Hundreds of millions of people use torrent sites around the world daily and Torlock.com is one of thousands of torrent sites that cater to this market.

About.com: Please tell me about what Torlock is, and how it is different from other P2P torrent providers.

Jack: Torlock.com is the Largest Verified Only Torrent Site on the Internet. We have over 750 000 verified torrents and not one fake torrent or virus. We are unique in the sense that we offer our users monetary compensation if they can find a fake and report it to us. We pay users $1 per fake they can find.

This is not a gimmick to attract users but rather a statement that we would like to make by saying we are so sure of what we offer that we will put our money on the table to assure you of the quality and content Torlock.com offers.

About.com: Describe how Torlock fits into your life, Jack. Is this a hobby job? A type of volunteerism? Or does it pay the bills while you are in school?

Jack: I would say it started as a hobby but after the overwhelming response by users it has become more than a mere hobby, it has become an active part of my life where I would easily spend more than 6 hours a day doing administration and maintenance work on it to improve it for the users.

You start seeing the service you offer and how people become reliant on your site, this changes it from a hobby to a sense of providing a public service if you will. The money made from the site is used to pay the servers and upkeep of the site along with hosting monthly competitions where members can win various prizes.

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