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Chatting: Beginners Tutorials on How to Chat

Chat rooms, real-time conversations, and netiquette: here are tutorials and explanations for the beginning user. Highly recommended for both youth and parents.

Kid-Friendly Chat: KidsCom
A very comprehensive web site for your 10- to 17- year-old! Chat, games, online communities...KidsCom has it all!

The Top Internet Jargon Terms, 2010-2011
Don't let those strange text message and email acronyms scare you. Here is a list of the most common jargon terms and text abbreviations for 2011:

Kid-Friendly Chat: Fat Cat Cafe
Run as a discussion forum as well as a chat room, the Fat Cat Cafe is an all-ages family-friendly destination. Some really fun and cute stuff here for 10-year-olds. There's also some fun stuff here for us grown-ups, too!

The Top Text Message Acronyms
Our online conversations have now expanded to handheld devices: we users now type with our thumbs, and we converse using cryptic shorthand and bizarre acronyms. Hundreds of bizarre new words have spawned in the last few years, based on both acronyms and stylish expressions. As new acronyms are created, many are lost to obscurity. But there...

Kid-Friendly Chat: NeoPets.com
A very neat and kid-friendly place for your young ones to meet other pre-teens. Conversations revolve around animals, so that makes this web site extra fun!

Handling Chat Room Abusers
IP address logging, Ignore feature, call the Yahoo moderator to help... learn these helpful techniques for responding to the bad apple in the chat room.

"Poser"? What's a "Poser"?
Posers are common, and even a fact of life, in most chat rooms. No need to worry, however... once you become aware of this cultural quirk, and learn a few techniques for responding to posers, then dealing with them is just another daily task. Read about identifying and busting posers here...

Chat Netiquette and Acronyms
BRB, AFK, LMAO, RTFM, PMFJI... these all mean something! Read the translation of these acronyms and abbreviations... most of them are quite funny! :)

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