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What Is 'BBIAB'? What Does BBIAB Stand For?


Question: What Is 'BBIAB'? What Does BBIAB Stand For?
BBIAB (bbiab) is a common expression amongst regular chatters. You will see bbiab quite often when you are playing online games with other players.
Answer: BBIAB is 'be back in a bit'. It is another way of saying 'AFK' (away from keyboard). This is a polite expression that users employ to say they are moving away from their computers for a few minutes. In the context of a conversation, it is a polite way to say that 'I won't be responding for a few minutes, as I'm indisposed'. In the context of an online game, it is a way of saying 'please wait for me to return before we fight our next monster'. BBIAB, and its cousin, AFK, are becoming very common expressions as more people become regular online conversationalists. Read about other common chat expressions here.

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