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What Are 'Backlinks'?


Question: What Are 'Backlinks'?
Answer: 'Backlinks', aka 'incoming links', are when other websites promote your website. Also known as 'referrers', backlinks are when other web pages direct readers to visit you through hyperlinks.

Backlinks are important for two big reasons. Firstly: backlinks can measure how much eminence and respect you have earned on the Web. The more reputable and prominent your backlink referrers are, the more you have established your web page as a worthy destination. Conversely, if you have no backlinks, or very disreputable backlinks, then your credibility on the Web needs work.

Backlinks are also important for how you rank in search engines. The more backlinks that you have, the more 'popular' you are considered on the Web, and more highly you will rank at Google. While backlinking is not the only factor in ranking web pages, strong backlinking does indicate that your site has achieved some kind of worth in the eyes of other publishers.

How to See Your Backlinks:

To see your backlinks, visit Google.com and type in the following:
e.g. link:www.cnn.com
e.g. link:www.about.com/computers
e.g. link:www.failblog.org

The resulting page will show all the major backlink referrers that point to your site. If your backlinks number over 1000, then you are very popular on the Web.

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