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Hacker Attack! How It Works...

(as explained by a hacker himself)


August 2013

Have you wondered how serious hacker and worm attacks really are? And have you wondered how exactly they work?

Jacques Erasmus is a 'noble' hacker, or 'white hat' hacker. Once an adolescent who would break into computer systems for thrills, Jacques is now a well-paid security professional who designs countermeasures against hackers and computer intruders.

In a shocking video interview with BCC World, Jacques demonstrates how an unprotected Windows XP machine will become assaulted within seconds of connecting to the Net. Then, with worms and 'zombie' programs, that unprotected PC will become a servant to a crime ring.

From Jacques: "The new breed of hackers are driven by money, that's their main motivation, extorting businesses and other institutions. A few years ago it was just guys doing it out of fun."

See the compelling interview and movie with Jacques here. (Windows Media Player)

See the same video in Real Player format here.

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