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Virus, Spyware, Hacking, Scams, and Identity Theft

A introduction to defeating viruses, worms, spyware, malware, hackers, phishermen, con men, identity thieves, and other nasty influences on the Internet.
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Nasty People on the Internet: a Guide to Knowing Your Digital Enemies

The Top 10 Online Scams and Internet Con Games
Con men and scammers are everywhere, especially online. Here are the 10 most likely online scams that you will encounter this year...

Internet 'Trolls' Are the Mosquitoes on Online Culture.
What exactly is a forum 'troll'? How can I recognize them? How do I deal with these internet trolls?

Lock Down Your Internet Computer!
Broadband home users beware: you are targets for hackers and crackers! Have you changed your guest account, enabled ICF service, configured your restricted folders, and retooled your admin login? If not, then you better read this Survival Guide...

What Phishing and Email Scams Look Like
Have you wondered if that email is legitimate? Is that login screen for real? Sadly, these are often scams and "phishing" cons that lure you into divulging your access codes and account numbers online. Don't get fooled by these clever con artists... here are examples of what Internet and email scams and phishing cons look like.

Have You Been Scammed by a Phishing Email or an Online Con Man?
Have you ever received a phishing email? Were you suckered in, or did you catch it before you divulged your personal information? Tell us here, and help us warn others.

How Bad Hacking Really Is: An Interview With An Expert
Jacques Erasmus is a "white hat" hacker... a once-dishonorable craftsman who has now chosen to work for the protection of corporate networks. Here is a video of how Windows XP gets hacked, and Jacques explains the steps...

Internet Fraud: Know It, Prevent It!
Michael Killian explains the facts on Internet Fraud, and the defensive actions smart users should employ.

Examples of What Good Passwords Look Like
Has no one ever explained to you the secrets to a strong password? Here are several examples of strong passwords, and how you can create your own...

The Top 10 Internet/Email Scams
The 10 nastiest Internet scams and con games of the 21st Century. See examples and explanations here...

The 20 Best Hacker Movies
Don't expect to learn how to nmap or packet sniff by watching these films. Instead: if you are looking for some fun escapism in a good movie rental, definitely consider these hacker movies.

Spyware-Malware 101: Understanding The Biggest Internet Threat of 2010
Spyware is the greatest threat facing Internet users today. Combining the infestation qualities of viruses, with the twisted genius of purposeful programming, these rogue "malware" programs will log your keystrokes, hijack your browser, spam you, serve up porn, and cause you pop-up and phishing grief. Don't let spyware win! Read the latest...

How to Tell If a Movie Torrent File Is Fake
June, 2010 Thanks to helpful P2P users like 'already_dead' and other longtime supporters of Isohunt.com , P2P users have built up a helpful knowledge base of how to identify false torrents and avoid them. False torrents are used by scammers to phish people's identities, scam them for money, or just simply vandalize their computers through trojan infections. The article below lists 10 strong sugg…

What Is 'Scareware'?
The New York Times reports that a Russian operation is earning an estimated $5 million a year selling fake antivirus software, or "scareware." What exactly is scareware, and how does the scam work? About.com explains here...

What Exactly Does Spyware Do?
You hear about "spyware" and "malware" in many tech news articles. But what exactly does spyware do?

The Best Ant-Spyware/Anti-Malware Programs
Here they are: The Best Anti Spyware Tools of 2010! There are some old friends here, but a couple of new players have joined the fray and set a new standard in the War on Malware. Read more here...

Hacking Basics: What is Your IP Address?
If you want to learn about hacking computers, then start here: identify how your computer has a digital fingerprint. This helpful website will scan your computer and identify your internet protocol address (IP address), your connection location on the planet, and the digital ports and software you are using. Neat.

Spyware 101: Someone is Watching You!
Yes, there are programs like KaZaa Toptext, Comet Cursor, Gator, Hotbar, and Bonzai Buddy, whose job is to "spy" on your computer habits! These insidious programs will report to distant servers, violate your privacy, and cause you pop-up grief. Click here to for basic defense tips against spyware...

A Survival Guide to Internet and Computer Safety
Personal Computer Hygiene for Beginners: a Guide to Internet and Computer Safety

5 Steps to a Good Password
December, 2010 Before we begin, we must be clear on one major expectation: there is no such thing as a perfect password. A committed hacker can crack any password, given enough time and the right "dictionary" or "brute force" tools. But just like breaking into a car, if the protection is strong enough, the hacker will become discouraged and...

Cyberstalking: What Is Cyberstalking? How Should I Deal with Cyberstalkers?
Cyberstalking is now more common than physical harassment. Using smartphones, text messages, sexting, Facebook, and online forums, cyberstalkers will find you, surveil you, harass you, and seek to victimize you criminally. About.com explains how cyberstalking works, and what you can do about it...

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