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What Is 'ASL'? What Does the Expression ASL Mean?


What Is 'ASL'? What Does the Expression ASL Mean? (photo by Photographers Choice / Getty Images)
Question: What Is 'ASL'? What Does the Expression ASL Mean?
Answer: "A/S/L" is short for asking "what is your age/sex/location?", a type of abrupt question that is common in online chat forums. It is how regular users identify if you are a man or woman, and if you are in their age range.

A/S/L is often spelled as lowercase "a/s/l" or "asl" for ease of typing. The uppercase and lowercase versions mean the same thing.

Be warned: when people use asl, it often means that they are trying to quickly assess you as a potential object of flirtation.

Recommended response to deter sexual advances: be as truthful as you can be, while still being firm and clear, and without giving away clues to your real life identity or specific location. For example, a bad response would be "27/female/Millcreek in Denver", as this discloses very regional information about your location. A better response would be "old enough to know you're being rude / married female / Colorado", or "31 / married male / Ontario".

Examples of A/S/L usage:

  • (User 1)Hi, everyone! I'm new here to the forum, and am looking to meet more people who are fans of The Tudors show.
  • (User 2)Fresh meat! A/S/L?
  • (User 1)Dream on, perv! I'm 43/athletic woman/work with your parents. Good enough?

The a/s/l expression, like many cultural curiousities of the Internet, is a part of modern English communication.

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