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What Is an Internet or Forum 'Troll'? - About Internet for Beginners
You've seen this expression in online discussion forums, but you are uncertain what it means. What exactly is a forum 'troll'?
What Is 'Trolling' on the Web? - About Internet for Beginners
Answer: Internet 'trolling' is the anti-social act of causing of interpersonal conflict and shock-value controversy online. Named for the wicked troll creatures of ...
What Is an Internet 'Troll'? Is a Troll the Same as a 'Flamer'?
Named after the wicked troll creatures of children's tales, an internet troll is someone who abuses their online anonymity by purposely sowing hatred, bigotry , ...
Troll Dolls: Whimsical Creatures Delighting Collectors For Half a ...
All about troll dolls--Dam Things trolls, Russ trolls, and animal trolls. Also how to collect trolls.
Simple Fish Trolling Technique Basics - Saltwater Fishing - About.com
Simple Trolling Basics Trolling, whether near shore or offshore, is often the most productive method for catching a variety of saltwater gamefish. From blue water ...
Beginner Dolphin Trolling Basics - Fishing - Saltwater Fishing
Jun 18, 2007 ... This is an area that people spend a lot of money on, yet it's an area that can be so simple. Remember, we are after dolphin. If something else ...
Troll Doll History and Collecting Information
You can find very tiny trolls at only 2 or 3 inches tall, up to very large trolls at 18 inches or so. Any troll at 12 inches or so is considered very large, with trolls over  ...
Doin' the Kingfish Troll - Saltwater Fishing
Its just a nice, easy, slow troll with the radio or CD playing some favorite music and the Bimini top providing shade. My last trip for kings was out of Mayport, ...
How to Catch Dolphin - Trolling and Fishing - Saltwater Fishing
May 20, 2009 ... Dolphin (mahi mahi or dorado) fishing is a summer time blast along the Atlantic coast. While they are caught in the Gulf of Mexico and southern ...
Trolling Tactics - Tips On Trolling Tactics - Freshwater Fishing
In three months we will be out on Lake Michigan. Now is the time to think about changes to make your trips more productive next season. There are many ways ...
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