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What Is a 'Meme'? What Are Examples of Internet Memes?
Rickroll A prankster meme: people will pretend to send critical business email links in emails, but are actually sending links to Rick Astley music videos from the  ...
The Best Internet Memes of the Last 15 Years - Internet for Beginners
Rickroll Someone. A prankster meme: people will pretend to send critical business email links in emails, but are actually sending links to Rick Astley music  ...
Rickroll - Google - About.com
"Rickrolling" is an Internet prank to trick people into watching a video of Rick Astley's song, "Never Gonna to Give You Up."
Barack Roll - You've Been Barack-Rolled - Obama Rickroll Video ...
A twist on the Internet phenomenon knows as 'Rickrolling,' featuring Barack Obama dancing.
Rick Astley -- Rick Roll Prank featuring Rick Astley - Instant Messaging
Whether you think this is a funny prank or not, the Rickroll has helped put Rick Astley back on the map--and you in the driver's seat of a popular prank. Read on  ...
Why is there no vegan "diet" food?? - Calorie Count
A rickroll. If you don't get it, I empathise and apologize. By the ceremony of these words, I hereby disengage from this thread. You may applaud ...
The Top 20 Viral Videos of All Time - Web Humor - About.com
But when the prank's victim clicks the link, they are taken to the music video for " Never Gonna Give You Up." That person has just been "Rickroll'd." More  ...
Terrifying TV Ghost Prank video
Rickroll · The Latest Paranormal News and Views for November 2, 2013: Aussie Lake Mons... Paranormal News - The Latest Paranormal News and Views ...
April Fool's Day Roundup 2008 - Web Humor - About.com
I was smiling at the news, until I realized no one has ever RickRoll'D me. I guess I 'll have to do it to myself. Update: OK, cool, did it. Never gonna let you down.
5 Reasons Why Malware Exists? - Security - About.com
Some malware is built for political reasons, other malware is built just as a joke (i, e, the famous Rickroll worm). Some creators just want to cause panic and ...
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