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What Phishing and Email Scams Look Like - Internet for Beginners
Have you wondered if an email is legitimate? Is that login screen for real? Sadly, these are often scams and "phishing" cons that lure you into divulging your ...
Phishing Attacks: What Is an 'Email Spoof'? - Internet for Beginners
In many cases, the spoofed email is part of a phishing (con man) attack. In other cases, a spoofed email is used to dishonestly market an online service or sell ...
Internet/Email Scams: Phishing Emails & Phony Web Pages
This is the most widespread Internet and email scam today. It is the modern day " sting" con game. "Phishing" is where digital thieves lure you into divulging your ...
Phishing scams - Antivirus - About.com
Phishing is a scam in which the attacker sends an email purporting to be from a valid financial or eCommerce provider. The email often uses fear tactics in an ...
Spear Phishing: Identity Theft's New Black - About.com
Phishing is already a mainstay in identity theft attacks, but now a new method of attack is emerging. Spear phishing targets individuals and can be far more ...
Phishing - What is Phishing? - Web Search - About.com
Phishing is unfortunately very prevalent on the Web. Learn more about phishing and how you can avoid it at the About.com glossary of Web search terms.
How to Detect and Prevent Phishing Scams
Overview of Phishing Scams. Phishing scams are just another attempt to get valuable information. Scammers send a mass email to every address they can find.
Gone Phishing! - Security - About.com
Phishing scams have spiked recently and have become more of a concern. This article talks about what phishing scams are and illustrates five steps users and ...
Phishing Scams - Antivirus - About.com
Phishing is a clever form of social engineering where attackers trick you into giving up your online banking login details or other secure credentials. Here's how ...
Phishing - Email Glossary Definition - About Email
Typically, phishing (from "password fishing") scams involve an email alerting the user to a problem with their bank or some web site account. The user is led to a ...
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