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Internet for Beginners: Understanding Online Culture and Netiquette
Online culture is mesmerizing, engaging, fun, and definitely enriching in many ways. But it does have its unsaid rules, and there are multiple complexities you ...
Netiquette and Internet Culture: The Online World Has Its Expectations
Netiquette, Trolling, and Online Culture. The Internet has grown its own special 21st Century culture! Acronyms, shorthand typing, emoticons, netiquette ...
Internet Language and Jargon: the Strange Speak of Online Culture
... and "brb", "pwnage", and "IIRC". So what do all these strange expressions mean? About.com explains some of the online jargon that comprises digital culture.
What Is an Internet or Forum 'Troll'?
You've seen this expression in online discussion forums, but you are uncertain what it ... Internet Language and Jargon: the Strange Speak of Online Culture ...
Internet Culture - Trends - About.com
The Internet has developed its very own cultural characteristics, largely driven by the social web and online communities. Check out the subcategories below to ...
Memes and Weird Web Culture - Internet for Beginners - About.com
Strange language, urban legends, fearmongering, hoaxes and myths... these are just some of the strange things you will find online. About.com tells us more.
China's E-commerce culture - Chinese Culture - About.com
It absolutely dominates the C2C market space, and in fact has become so massive that it has spawned its own online culture and even a little bit of its own ...
Internet Slang Dictionary: Acronyms, Phrases and Idioms - Trends
The rise of web-based technologies, online chatting, mobile texting, email and instant ... to the development of a whole new language that defines Internet culture.
The Most Addictive Sites on the Web, 2014 - Internet for Beginners
Photo blogs, online confessions, animals being cute for the camera, sarcasm and ... SFW: If you like pop culture and enjoy following celebrities in the news, then ...
The Famous Netiquette Quiz, 2012
Quietly observing the culture of a chat room or forum. ... Scams · File Sharing and P2P · Netiquette, Trolling, and Online Culture · Email, Emoticons, and Etiquette.
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