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What Is a 'Meme'? What Are Examples of Internet Memes?
You have undoubtedly experienced modern internet memes, but may not be aware of it. Perhaps you have been.
All about Même - French adjective, adverb, and pronoun
The extremely versatile and useful French word même can be an indefinite adjective, indefinite pronoun, or adverb, and is also used in some expressions.
Quand même - French Expression - French About.com
Notes: Quand même is one of the most common and versatile French expressions. I hear it several times a day, every day, and each time I think I understand all ...
Funniest Political Memes of 2013 - Political Humor - About.com
A must-see collection of the year's best political memes skewering both sides.
De même que - French Subjunctive - French About.com
Does de même que need the subjunctive? Verbs, expressions, and conjunctions that require the French subjunctive. By Laura K. Lawless. No, de même que ...
Liberal Memes - Best Liberal Meme Pictures, Quotes and Slogans
A must-see collection of the best pro-liberal and anti-conservative memes, pictures, quotes, and slogans.
Il l'a fait soi-même - French Mistake - French About.com
Mistakes will always be made in French, and now you can learn from them. Wrong: Il l'a fait soi-même. Right: Il l'a fait lui-même. Explanation: The French ...
Funniest Hillary Clinton Memes Ever - Political Humor - About.com
A collection of the best Internet memes, captioned photos, and viral images of Hillary Clinton, including classic Texts from Hillary.
Plus ça change - French Expression - French About.com
Expression: Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Pronunciation: [plu sa sha (n)zh plu say la mem shoz] Meaning: the more things change, the more they ...
En même temps que - French Subjunctive - French About.com
Does the French expression en même temps que need the subjunctive? Find out with the Subjunctivator!
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