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What Is a 'Meme'? What Are Examples of Internet Memes?
You have undoubtedly experienced modern internet memes, but may not be aware of it. Perhaps you have been.
The Best Internet Memes of the Last 15 Years - Internet for Beginners
Here they are: the Greatest Internet Memes, distinguished by popularity over the last 15 years on the Web...
Why Would You Create a Meme? What Steps Would You Take?
Why on earth would someone ever want to create a meme? Interestingly enough, there are several reasons. Memes have remarkable influence on modern ...
All about MÍme - French adjective, adverb, and pronoun
The extremely versatile and useful French word mÍme can be an indefinite adjective, indefinite pronoun, or adverb, and is also used in some expressions.
I See What You Did There | Know Your Meme
I See What You Did There”, sometimes shortened as ICWYDT or ISWYDT, is a phrase typically found online either in comments or captions for image macros.
Quand mÍme - French Expression - French Language - About.com
Notes: Quand mÍme is one of the most common and versatile French expressions. I hear it several times a day, every day, and each time I think I understand all ...
Liberal Memes - Best Liberal Meme Pictures, Quotes and Slogans
A must-see collection of the best pro-liberal and anti-conservative memes, pictures, quotes, and slogans.
Rage Faces and Other Funny Internet Memes - Trends - About.com
An Internet meme is usually a photo, video or general idea from the Internet that gets passed around rapidly from one user to another. These photos or videos ...
Origins of the Doge Meme - Trends - About.com
You thought the Internet was ruled by cats? Think again. Doge is one of the biggest Internet memes to hit it big on the web, and it's just as weird and hilarious as ...
Nuke It From Orbit | Know Your Meme
Nuke It From Orbit” is a popular catchphrase used in discussion forums to express one's extreme disapproval of a particular image or link posted by someone.
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