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Explanation: How Internet URL Addresses Work
Tutorial: Anatomy of an Internet URL, an explanation for beginning users. ... Understanding Internet Addresses. By Paul Gil ... Related: What Is an 'IP Address' ?
'IP Address'? Is It the Same as 'Domain Name'? - Internet for Beginners
Answer: IP address, or "internet protocol address", is a unique identifying number given to every single computer on the Internet. Like a car license plate, an IP ...
What Is a 'Domain Name'? - Internet for Beginners - About.com
To be technically correct, a domain name is commonly part of a larger Internet address called a "URL". A URL goes into much more detail than domain name ...
What Is an Internet Address? - Web Search - About.com
An Internet address is a series of unique numbers that identifies a computer connected to the Internet. Every computer that gets online has an Internet address.
Definition of Internet Address - Web Browsers - About.com
Definition: A unique numeric identifier, divided into four octets, assigned to machines on the Internet or an intranet. This 32-bit numerical address is used so  ...
What Is an IP Address in Computer Networking?
More - Internet Protocol Address Notation. A network administrator sets up the addressing scheme for an IP network. When troubleshooting network problems, ...
How To Find Your IP Address - Networking - About.com
To check your Internet IP address from a client device, open a browser window and navigate to one of the online IP address lookup services such as ...
Router IP Address - Networking - About.com
The external, WAN-IP address of the router is set when the router connects to the Internet service provider. This address can also be viewed on the router's ...
IP - The Internet Protocol. What it is and how it works - Voice Over IP
IP Protocol - What is the Internet Protocol (IP) and how it works. ... An IP address is a unique address identifiying a machine (which can be a computer, a server, ...
What Is Google's IP Address? - Networking - About.com
Google utilizes multiple Internet servers and IP addresses like many popular Web sites. Individuals may want to use Google's IP address when they are ...
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