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Explanation: How Internet URL Addresses Work
Tutorial: Anatomy of an Internet URL, an explanation for beginning users. ... Understanding Internet Addresses. By Paul Gil ... Related: What Is an 'IP Address' ?
What Is a 'Domain Name'? - Internet for Beginners - About.com
Somewhat like international phone numbers, the domain name system helps to give every Internet server a memorable and easy-to-spell address.
'IP Address'? Is It the Same as 'Domain Name'? - Internet for Beginners
Answer: IP address, or "internet protocol address", is a unique identifying number given to every single computer on the Internet. Like a car license plate, an IP ...
What Is an Internet Address? - Web Search - About.com
An Internet address is a series of unique numbers that identifies a computer connected to the Internet. Every computer that gets online has an Internet address.
Definition of Internet Address - Web Browsers - About.com
Definition: A unique numeric identifier, divided into four octets, assigned to machines on the Internet or an intranet. This 32-bit numerical address is used so  ...
What Is an IP Address in Computer Networking?
An IP address can be private - for use on a local area network (LAN) - or public - for use on the Internet or other wide area network (WAN). IP addresses can be ...
Router IP Address - Networking - About.com
A typical home network router keeps two IP addresses, one for local devices to connect to across the LAN, and one for the external Internet (WAN) connection.
How To Find Your IP Address - Networking - About.com
To check your Internet IP address from a client device, open a browser window and navigate to one of the online IP address lookup services such as ...
Definition of Web Address in Internet Browsers
Definition: An address string containing the access protocol, domain name, and file or resource path which is normally used to specify the address of a web page  ...
What Is Google's IP Address? - Networking - About.com
Google utilizes multiple Internet servers and IP addresses like many popular Web sites. Individuals may want to use Google's IP address when they are ...
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