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Hacker Definition and Alternate Spellings
You've heard of "hackers", and you've seen sensationalized versions of hackers in movies. But what exactly is a hacker? And are they the same as "haxors"?
Hacking - What is a Hacker in Computer Networking?
A hacker is any person engaged in hacking. The term "hacking" historically referred to constructive, clever technical work that was not necessarily related to ...
BackTrack Security Audit - Hackers' Tools - About.com
BackTrack is a free security audit toolkit comprised of hundreds of open-source security tools used by both security professionals as well as hackers.
Friend or Hacker? - Facebook Security Tips - About.com
Maybe that's how your grandma rolls, but chances are it's probably the hacker who just "pwned" her Facebook account. Here are some tips to help you tell the ...
4 Secrets Wireless Hackers Don't Want You to Know - Security
Are you afraid of becoming the next victim of a wireless hack attack? Here are 4 secrets that wireless hackers don't want you to know about wireless security.
Hacker Tools and Utilities - Security - About.com
What Hackers Don't Want You To Know About The Tamper Data Firefox Add-on · Tamper Data might just be one of the best kept hacker secrets. Learn what this ...
Hacker Defense Tools and Utilities - Security - About.com
Network Security Software and Utilities. Tools To Defend Your Computer or Network From Hackers or Malicious Programs. By Tony Bradley, CISSP-ISSAP.
Why Hackers Love the Tamper Data Firefox Add-On - Security
Firefox is the browser of choice for most hackers because of its plug-in friendly design. One of the more popular hacker tools for Firefox is an add-on called ...
Help! I Think I've Been Hacked!! - Security - About.com
An article on incident response when you think you've been hacked. how do you collect clues and evidence of your perpetrator- when they attacked? what they ...
Hacker Turn-ons and Turn-offs - Security - About.com
What makes your system more attractive to a hacker than one down the street? Hackers love vulnerabilities of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're trying to ...
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