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Flame Test - How to Conduct a Flame Test Video - Chemistry
A flame test can help visually determine an unknown metal's identity. Learn how to conduct a flame test and what the different colored flames indicate.
Flame Tests - Chemistry - About.com
A flame test is a chemistry procedure that is used to test for the presence of metal ions. The emission spectrum of each element produces a characteristic flame ...
Tips for Dealing With Low Flame Issues - About Barbecue & Grilling
Learning how to deal with low flame issues and finding a fix for them is helpful when grilling. Here, see tips and tricks for low flame issues.
Flame Test - Sodium Carbonate - Chemistry - About.com
By Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. Flame Test - Sodium Carbonate. Sodium displays its brilliant yellow emission in this flame test of sodium carbonate.
Potassium Flame Test - Chemistry - About.com
Potassium produces a purple or lilac colored flame in the flame test. Page 10.
Lithium Flame Test - Chemistry - About.com
Lithium salts produce a characteristic red flame in a flame test. Page 12.
Lead Flame Test - Chemistry - About.com
The flame test for lead produces a blue-colored flame. Page 9.
Flame Test Definition - Chemistry - About.com
Definition: A flame test is an analytical technique to identify the presence of metal ions in a sample by heating the sample with a flame and examining the color of ...
Flame Test - Potassium Chloride - Chemistry - About.com
Potassium chloride, which can be found as lite salt, burns with a characteristic violet flame. Page 11.
Strontium Flame Test - Chemistry - About.com
The flame test for strontium produces a crimson colored flame. Page 15.
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