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Flame Test - How to Conduct a Flame Test Video - Chemistry
A flame test can help visually determine an unknown metal's identity. Learn how to conduct a flame test and what the different colored flames indicate.
Flame Test Procedure - Chemistry - About.com
Chemistry teacher demonstrating how to perform the flame test.
How to Do a Flame Test for Qualitative Analysis
A flame test is an easy experimental technique used to help identify a metal or ionic salt based on its emission spectrum when it is heated in a gas flame.
Flame Test - Sodium Carbonate - Chemistry - About.com
You can opt-out at any time. Please refer to our privacy policy for contact information. Image 13 of 15. Flame Test - Sodium Carbonate. Flame Tests. Flame Test ...
Why is the flame in my gas grill yellow? - About Barbecue & Grilling
If your grill is showing large yellow flames there is something wrong. Yellow flame can be a sign of failed components or simply an adjustment problem. This can ...
Potassium Flame Test - Chemistry - About.com
Potassium produces a purple or lilac colored flame in the flame test.
Calcium Flame Test - Chemistry - About.com
The flame test for calcium results in a brick red flame.
Flame Test - Potassium Chloride - Chemistry - About.com
Potassium chloride, which can be found as lite salt, burns with a characteristic violet flame.
Pilot Light Flame Inspection - Home Repair - About.com
Tutorial describes how to inspect and repair a standing pilot light flame in a gas furnace.
Replacing an Electronic Flame Sensor (Furnace Tutorial)
This tutorial describes how to easily replace a furnace thermocouple in an older style standing pilot furnace or an electronic flame sensor in a newer style ...
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