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What Is 'Clownshoes'? What Does Clownshoes Mean?
You see and hear the expression "clown shoes" in conversations, both in person and online. But what exactly does clown shoes mean? About.com explains...
C - Glossary of Internet Terms and Acronyms
You see and hear the expression "clown shoes" in conversations, both in person and online. But what exactly does clown shoes mean? About.com explains.
'L2P' Definition - Online Acronyms for Beginners
"Heh, you guys are clownshoes! L2P!" Like many language curiousities, L2P is part of internet culture. Many other abbreviations and slang terms are used ...
My Poly Rescue Sugar Ray - Share Your Story: Life with a ...
We love his feet, which we usually refer to as "snowshoes", although sometimes I think they're more like clown shoes. They've entertained us every day since he ...
Ha Ha Ha What? Humor Hope and the Caregiving Experience
Jun 1, 2014 ... I don't want to run into that guy and his big huge clown nose and his clown shoes and the bike horn anytime I'm not feeling my best. In fact, I'm ...
Halloween Safety - First Aid - About.com
Jan 23, 2014 ... Oversized clown shoes or adult high-heels are hard for little feet to negotiate and can be dangerous. Use fire smarts. Opt for costumes made of ...
Field Day Activities for Elementary Students
On your go, students will take turns running to the end of the line to put one piece of silly clothing on their classmate. By silly, I mean a wig, clown shoes, dads ...
Costume Shoes - Themed Footwear for Halloween and Parties
Ruby slippers, platform shoes, princess styles, and even superhero boots can all be had at fairly reasonable prices -- and, if it's clown shoes you're after, you ...
Hiking in Snowshoes: The Basics - About.com
Think of snowshoes as giant clown shoes of a sort: You can still walk in them, but you have to do it a little differently. Modern snowshoe bindings pivot to allow a ...
What Does 'Jumping the Shark' Mean? - About Internet for Beginners
"This party is not just clownshoes, it's a shark jump. Let's get out of here and find a real party." "I think Dr. House has jumped the shark. He is the same sarcastic ...
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