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Emoticons and Smileys 101

Part 3: The Smileys Top 100 List Continues...


Here is a list of "emoticons" (emotional icons or "smileys"). Note that some of these emoticons are obvious at first glance, but others require more creative imagination on the part of the reader.

<:3)~~~~ Mouse
____/\___\o/___ Shark
:©) Piggy
(B^| Secret agent
(8<| Darth Vader
=^-.-^= Kitten, version 1
^..^ Kitten, version 2
IIIIII8^)X Cat in the Hat
©¿© Horizontal face (use Alt keystroke plus 0169, 0191, 0169)
ö¿ö Horizontal face 2 (use Alt + 148, 168, 148)
[{--Crayon--]}> crayon (especially effective when typed in different font colors)
(_)3 Beer mug
[>O Diamond ring
<;;;;;;;;;;;|===0 Sword
****:-) Marge Simpson
*<:-)> Santa Claus
-:( Punk rocker with a Mohawk
@>--->---- Rose, version 1
--<--@ Rose, version 2
12x--<--@ A dozen roses
:-[x> Count Dracula
B-] Batman
C):-) Cowboy
O>-</ Snowboarder
o{-<]: Skater Dude
==):-)= Abraham Lincoln
:-.) Cindy Crawford
:+( Scared
<:-O Eeek!; Eeek! Just saw a mouse
B*) Sunglasses smile
: ) Regular smile
:^) Regular smile with a nose
: ( Unhappy, frown
: ^( Unhappy, frown with a nose
:-P Sticking out tongue
:-p Sticking tongue out, version 2
:-p~ Heavy smoker
:-Q Tongue hanging out in disgust, or a smoker
:-Q~ Smoking
:-r Sticking tongue out, version 3
:-s What?!
:-t Unsmiley
:-V Shouting
\ ^_^ / Joyful! (Japanese)

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