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Emoticons and Smileys 101

Part 2: The Fundamentals and The Top 100 Smileys



The classic "smiley" emoticon above was created in 1982 by a Carnegie Mellon student named Scott Fahlman. He was spurred to do this when a fellow student's bulletin board joke was misunderstood.

FYI History Note: this is the original 1982 conversation that started modern-day emoticons.

Here is a beginning list of some popular emotional icons:
(remember to tilt your head and view them sideways)

t('.'t) Those are fighting words! Put 'em up!
:-) I am smiling in a classic way
:P I am sticking out my tongue
:^P I am sticking out tongue, and I have a nose
B^P I am sticking out tongue, and I have sunglasses
:{ I am having a hard time
;-) Winking at you
;( I am crying
:-D I am laughing happily
@}->-- Rose for you (to show affection)
|^o I am snoring
>:-( I am annoyed

C):-) I am a cowboy
C=:-) I am a chef
o{-<]: I am skateboarder
:( ) I have a big mouth.
@= I am pro-nuclear war.
*<:-) I am wearing a Santa Claus Hat.
:-[I am a vampire.
:-o Uh oh!
|-) Hee hee!
3:] My pet.
3:[ My mean pet.
%-) I am brain dead right now.
:-|| I am seriously angry.
><((((o> Fish
>^..^< Cat
(='.'=) Fat Cat
//o-o\\ John Lennon
(_x_) Kiss my butt
(_)> Want to have some coffee?
8-O Omigod!!
:{} I have big lips and I want to kiss you
>;-> I am winking in a devilish way, because I just made a lewd or suggestive remark.

There are several hundred more emoticons! Click here to see an exhaustive list...

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