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Paul Gil

Paul Gil

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Paul Gil


Paul H. Gil

Paul is a professional project manager and a certified computer instructor. Based out of Canada, Paul has traveled around North America to give technical training to adult learners. Paul is renowned for his dynamic Internet, project management, and database courses.


Paul is a longtime veteran of the Internet, having been online since before the World Wide Web was launched in 1989 (yes, he has used Wildcat, Gopherspace, and Telnet). Paul has logged thousands of hours as a participant in many online communities. He has also managed multiple web development projects and launched various web sites over the past 21 years.


Paul has a formal teaching background, with advanced studies in Curriculum and Instruction. He has multiple technical certifications: Microsoft Certified Professional, Master Certified Internet Web Developer, Certified Web Professional in Ecommerce, Certified Internet Instructor, Crystal Reports Certified Professional, Certified Scrum Master and Project Management Professional. Paul constantly upgrades his knowledge with regular seminars and conferences.

By Paul Gil:

As your About Guide to the Internet, my role is to help you participate more fully in 21st Century digital culture. If I can empower you readers with a combination of practical knowledge, a positive attitude, and a deep respect for freedom of expression, then I will count myself successful. If you have any constructive suggestions to help me do my writing job more effectively, please do let me know. Cheers, and happy surfing!

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